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Pacific ombre

Pacific Ombre is what we’re calling it.

Mermaid hair she said so I suggested the “Pacific Ombre”, a phrase normally used to describe maxi dresses of the blue/green variety. Fun times were had as we transformed this blonde bombshells locks starting at the roots dark deep sea gently lifting until you get the tropical green at the ends. An exciting non permanent alternative toning – colour concoction allowed us to drastically change her look without compromising the condition of her hair. Watch this space to see what we do with her hair next… something a little more experimental.

Keen on trying something different, been inspired by something you’ve seen online. Feel free to share it with it with us. We’ll give you the yay or nay on whether we think your desired looks are right for you.


Coconut Oil?

So what’s the go on this raw organic coconut oil craze and does it work on your hair and skin the way the internet makes you believe? Marcusse gives us the low down.

Working with a number of products and brands over the years I’m a firm believer that sometimes the basic simple approaches are the best and coconut oil is no exception. It’s packed with the goodness our skin loves and can be beneficial for the scalp and new hair growth. However the assumption that¬†it’s a sure fire treatment for damaged hair is incorrect. The unfortunate truth is that coconut oil cannot heal excessively damaged hair better than most hair care products out there. Also it costs more to buy un Australia than good hair care products.

It’s great for oil pulling, post bathing skin treatments and regular maintenance on normal hair but in my opinion as a professional stylist I don’t recommend using this as a treatment alone for damaged hair caused by excessive colour and heat. See you hairdresser for the best possible solution for your damaged hair that won’t cost you the earth.

Hair Colour Happiness

Our Favourite

Framesi Hair Colour


We use a top of the range hair colour line from Framesi. An Italian brand thats been in the business for over 60 years. The results are beautiful long lasting hair colour that you’ll love.

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